Notícia: Encontro Técnico do SouJava Novembro Envie uma notícia!

O próximo encontro técnico do SouJava, mês de novembro, será online, nesse encontro falaremos sobre o TomEE. O Apache TomEE (se pronuncia "Tommy") é a fusão do popular container web Tomcat com outros projetos Apache. O projeto é coordenado pela comunidade OpenEJB, resultando em um servidor de aplicações certificado.

Data: 25 de novembro, quarta-feira. Horário: 19:30 Local:

Título: Apache TomEE - Java EE Web Profile no Tomcat. Descrição: Venha conhecer a simplicidade do Tomcat com o poder do Java EE. Explorar suas ferramentas e utilitários, como contribuir e entender um pouco mais de seu ecossistema. Um servidor Java EE 6 Web certificado. Com todas as implementações desenvolvidas pela Apache, o Apache TomEE é montado a partir de um arquivo zip do Apache Tomcat. O resultado é Tomcat com características EE adicionadas.


  • Daniel Cunha

Daniel is passionate about software development and a firm believer in Open Source community membership. His enthusiasm for Open Source and Java motivated him to become a committer to projects like DeltaSpike, Yougi, Lightweight EE, and JBoss Aesh. He contributes to Tomitribe, Apache Software Foundation (TomEE), JBoss, Spring, VRaptor, and Caelum Stella projects. Beyond the code, you can find Daniel at Latin America conferences, JUGs and workshops speaking about Apache TomEE, RESTful Web Services and other Java related topics.Prior to his Java and Open Source adventures, Daniel was an OSUM Leader at the Sun Microsystems University program. Now he’s a core part of an awesome team at Tomitribe and a true Apache TomEE hero. Outside of work, he enjoys quality time with family and friends; whether it’s biking or just enjoying his surroundings.

  • Roberto Cortez

Roberto Cortez is a professional Java Developer working in the software development industry with more than 9 years of experience in finance, insurance, and government. His first contact with Java was in 1998 and he never looked back! He mainly works with Java EE technologies and is involved within the community to help other individuals to spread the knowledge or to just hang out.

Now, he is very excited to be a part of the Tribe; working on the servers where everything happens, instead of just developing applications that run on a container.

Working as a Freelancer it gave him the freedom to travel around the world and speak at conferences such as JavaOne, Devoxx FR, JFokus, GeeCon, and others. He is also the leader of the Coimbra JUG and a regular blogger about Java related technologies.

When not working he spends most of his time hanging with friends, playing computer games, and spending time with his family.

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